SKywave's New Build System Designs


Excellent systems design is critical & central to supplying an integrated electronics system. We have the dedicated highly experienced Systems Engineers to oversee systems design & development.

Skywave offer detailed Microsoft Visio systems schematics – tailored specifically for your vessel – to show cable runs, cable interfaces & component/equipment location.

Equipment components can be “tagged” with specific ID codes. This aids installation – especially for other contractors such as boat builders, electricians, riggers, etc that may not be familiar with every component - and more importantly, perhaps to identify for future reference (maintenance, repair, systems upgrade etc).

Marine Electronics, being a technology field, changes rapidly all the time. We invest in knowledge, and make sure that we keep abreast of the latest developments.


Fusion MS-AV700i
- 20150107

Fusion MS-AV700i Four zones marine entertainment system diagram for Sunseeker 86ft powerboat.

Simrad HS70/HR80
Heading System
- 20150122

Simrad HS70 GPS compass with 3 x Simrad HR80 heading repeaters system diagram for 18m Patrol Boat.

Simrad RGC50/HR80
Heading System
- 20150125
Simrad MARPA Radar
- 20121011

Simrad NSS MARPA Radar system single MFD display diagram.

Fusion MS-RA205
- 20150123

Fusion MS-RA205 Two zones marine stereo system diagram for Haines Hunter SS725 power boat.

Lowrance Radar/Simrad Autopilot/Vespermarine AIS System
- 20150204

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch with 3G Broadband Radar, Simrad AP24 autopilot to drive solenoid valve and Vespermarine WiFi AIS system diagram for 9m powerboat.

Simrad RGC50 gyrocompass with GI51 gyro interface driving 3 x Simrad HR80 heading repeaters system diagram for 18m Patrol Boat.